Yemen | Undersecretary of Finance Ministry: Saudi Arabia does not want to find a real state in its nearby

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance in Yemen, Ahmed Hajar, warned that "Saudi Arabia does not want to find a real state in its nearby, neither in Yemen nor elsewhere, to have the upper hand, and behind is the upper hand of America and global imperialism." In an interview with Unews Press Agency, Hajar said "The Saudi-Led Coalition forces focused from the beginning on two tracks, the first of which is the drying of foreign exchange sources which leads to finding difficulty in the standard of living. The second track was to dry up the state's revenue sources so that the state would be emptied and ceased to carry out its tasks, leading to the administrative collapse in addition to the economic collapse." Hajar added "the Yemeni economy depends mainly on the outside world, whether in providing basic food commodities, providing inputs to production, or providing capital goods, and therefore all axes of a strong economy depend primarily on the outside world." He continued "therefore, allied countries have sought from the beginning of 2015 is to dry up foreign exchange sources, foremost among which are oil and gas revenues and aid." "The main objective was to find a scarcity of monetary terms in order to raise the exchange price of dollar and commodities as a result of the income cessation due to the stricken economic and production facilities intake and consequently decline especially employment opportunities in agriculture, building and construction, and caused a scarcity of foreign currency." He said "The scarcity of foreign exchange was considered by the Riyadh government as one of the tools of economic war." Hajar pointed out that "oil derivatives are a basic income for various economic activities, whether they are linked to basic medical or agricultural services, production services, industry, electricity, etc." He pointed out that "Yemen is considered one of the worst countries to use aid in the past exploiting 20 to 25% of them in the best conditions. " Hajar noted that the poor distribution of aid is due to two reasons that are the unclear lines of international organizations and the lack of previously set plans by the beneficiaries. "-

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