Coronavirus: Price of Oxygen cylinders rises after a severe shortage

The coronavirus in Pakistan has now exposed the flaws in the health system. svg%3E With the spread of Covid-19 in Pakistan, where there is a shortage of protective equipment for medical staff and beds, ventilators, ICU wards and medicines for patients, the problem of oxygen shortage is also on the rise. The big hospitals in the big cities may not be short of oxygen, but with the exception of a few big cities, the hospitals in most of the cities in Pakistan are running out of oxygen for the patients. Health officials refer to the demand for oxygen as an appetite or air hunger. They say that during a severe attack of the corona virus, the patient is in dire need of oxygen or artificial respiration. Failure to do so could result in death. COVID-19 or the novel Corona virus, as the name implies, is having an effect on the human body. Coronavirus patients in Pakistan have risen alarmingly. The fear is that more people may fall victim to it in the coming days. In Punjab, oxygen cylinders are being sold at three times the price. The number of critically ill patients is also increasing. As for oxygen concentrators, which use oxygen in the air to concentrate it and supply it to patients, market sources said that the device used to cost between Rs80,000 and Rs85,000, but it is now being sold for Rs135,000 to Rs150,000.

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